Why Greens, Beans & Love?

The three most important ingredients in our kitchen are the ones that make up this blog title.

Greens: from leafy salad greens, to cruciferous powerhouses, to delicate herbs or scallions – I believe no meal is complete without a pop of green. All plants start out as a little green sprout, and hold high nutrient density and disease-fighting power. Greens always.

Beans: the classic vegan question…where do you get your protein? LEGUMES. Protein + fiber + carbs + micronutrients makes beans the complete nutritional package. Plus, my little plant-based toddler loves nothing more than snacking on plain black beans, so it had to make the title! Beans always.

Love: simply put…the world needs more of it. I believe that nourishing your body with whole foods is one of the most powerful acts of self love you can give to yourself. Sitting down with your family for a homecooked meal is one of the most basic acts of love and connection. And these little efforts of love have a ripple effect into a life of positivity when you feel like your best self and appreciate those around you. Love always.

I believe as a whole we are a chronically sick population, fed by misinformation. That while a small percentage of cancer and chronic disease is caused by genetics, the majority of cases are a direct result of poor lifestyle habits such as eating ultra processed foods, not moving our bodies, chemical exposure (such as in our cleaning products or home fragrances) and living in high levels of internal and external stress.

True HEALTHcare is in our preventative habits, and Western medicine is to aid us in times of illness.

Part of living a lifestyle of love extends to creatures of all kinds. As I dove deeper and deeper into learning about the plant-based lifestyle, I discovered the climate crisis and the effect animal agriculture has had on the planet. I saw the realities of factory farming and ocean fishing, and once you see these things, they are hard to ignore. They fueled my desire to stay plant-powered more and more to vote with my dollars and values towards a better planet and life for all creatures.

I have enjoyed sharing healthy recipes since I started my deep dive into nutrition around age 20. It took me almost 5 years after that to start the journey into learning the power of plants, and now nearly three years later, I strive to be exclusively plant-fueled, raising my daughter in the lifestyle as well. I am now a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, always expanding my education through courses and pleasure reading books by the trained professionals.

My adjustment to a plant-based diet has me feeling more energetic, less painfully bloated, with my weight returning to it’s natural happy place. I see each meal as a source of nourishment for my body and adore when my plate is full of Earth’s natural colours.

My hope for this blog is to provide insight for others to see how eating whole foods is not difficult, but actually a return to simplicity. I hope to share other holistic tips such as education resources, kitchen tools, alternative products for a healthier home, and how to raise healthy, fiber-powered children.

Happy reading!

~ Kaitlin

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