DIY Holiday Gifts

As each year passes, I find myself loving (both giving and receiving) homemade gifts. Sewn, knitted, baked, crafted – every labour of love seems more heartfelt and appreciated than something from the store. Being a nutritionist and foodie, of course I enjoy gifting baked goods or homecooked meals the most! I’ve put together a list of my favourites so far.

Granola flight – I picked up some dollar store jars and filled them with my go-to quick & easy granola recipes.

Cookie Box – always a classic! Bake a variety of cookies over the course of the month, freeze them, then assemble in festive boxes or tins to give to friends & family.

DIY Hot Chocolate – I love this one, because it’s my own creation! A warm, comforting drink is always soothing in the winter months, but I refuse to consume the artificial mixes that come from the store. This recipe has the same convenience of being a powder to mix with hot liquid of choice. Simply whisk it together and gift away in old glass spice jars!

Your favourite soup and/or sourdough bread. These items can be gifted fresh or frozen and stored for later use when the receiver pleases. My latest favourites:

Other ideas:

  • DIY popcorn seasonings
  • Cranberry or apple sauce/butter
  • Caramel popcorn
  • Homemade nut butter
  • And a non-edible option: DIY sugar body scrubs!

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