Kaitlin Jackson

Who am I?
  • WFPB Believer.
  • Mom of (soon-to-be) two girls.
  • Certified Holistic Nutritionist.
  • Dedicated to a restriction-free, healthy lifestyle.

I have enjoyed sharing healthy recipes since I started my deep dive into nutrition around age 20. It took me almost 5 years after that to start the journey into learning the power of plants, and now three years later, I strive to be exclusively plant-fueled, raising my daughter in the lifestyle as well. I am now a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, always expanding my education through courses and pleasure reading books by the pros.

My adjustment to a plant-based diet has me feeling more energetic, less painfully bloated, with my weight returning to it’s natural happy place. I no longer count calories, measure macros, or obsess over having to “earn” an indulgent treat. It is blissful to be free from diet culture. I see each meal as a source of nourishment for my body and adore when my plate is full of Earth’s natural colours.

My daughter (16 months) and I setting up the home office.

When our daughter arrived in 2020, I very quickly knew I wanted to raise her differently. To have a strong foundation of nutrition and self-love so that she has more fighting power when societal norms start influencing her. She became my purpose and my inspiration to grow stronger in this lifestyle and find a way to help others do the same.

My hope for this blog is to provide insight for others to see how eating whole foods is not difficult, but actually a return to simplicity. I hope to share other holistic tips such as education resources, kitchen tools, alternative products for a non-toxic home, and how to raise healthy, fiber-powered children.

Fresh mango salsa.

I base my recipes off of 4 traits:

Plant forward.
Easy for everyone.

I believe in the power of plants for a healthy body. Therefore this blog will only contain WFPB meals. Whether you want to move towards plant-based yourself, or just want to include a Meatless Monday in your home, I hope my recipes will find you happy and nourished.

Happy Reading!

~ Kaitlin ~