Consulting Services

Do you want to dive further into the WFPB life and have no idea where to start? Let’s set up a consultation and I will coach you for at least 8 weeks to help change your health habits and set a strong foundation.

My goal for clients is to step away from the diet-culture mindset. Focus on food as nourishment for your body. Choose to see the abundance of plant foods you’ve yet to try, versus what foods you should eat less of. When you take care of your body, it will naturally return to its healthiest state of being.

The goal is simple: help you live your healthiest life.

*It’s important for me to note that I will never push you to be vegan – the goal is simply more plants on the plate for your health and longevity. Your body is your choice and only you know what feels best to fuel it. I’m going to show you how to figure that out.

Private Health & Nutrition Coaching

8 Week Package (Initial Consultation + 3 Follow-Ups) – $325.00

  • Initial Consultation
    • 1 hour video call + emailed resources.
    • Review current diet, sleep patterns, lifestyle stressors, exercise habits (intake form required).
    • Discuss client goals in regards to body health and nutrition improvement.
    • Develop steps towards change, working in 2-week intervals.
  • Follow-Up Consultation
    • 30 minute video call + additional notes
    • Discuss how diet changes are going & reassess as required. Recipes often included.
    • Option to purchase additional follow-ups for long-term coaching.

Interested but unsure? Email me for a free 15-minute phone call to discuss your goals and see if we will be a good fit for each other!

Nourished Littles: Strong Starts

This program is for parents with babies under 1 year of age wondering how to get their child started off with a good nutrition foundation. $145.00. Included is:

  • A 1-2 hour session (in person if local to Fort St John or virtually) where we will make 3-4 homemade baby purees to get your little one started on solid foods.
  • My 6-12 month feeding guide featuring recipes, tool recommendations, and a breakdown of 3 feeding phases before the 1 year mark.
  • A follow-up phone session with 3 additional family recipes.
  • Option to purchase more sessions if desired.

Email for your consultation today.